Our Perspective on Sustainable Weight Loss

Take a look around; there’s a flood. Sure, it’s not a literal flood. After all, an actual flood tends to be a one-time event. This flood is ongoing, and while streets and houses aren’t being consumed by it, the very lives of your family members, friends and neighbors are. It’s even possible that you are caught up in it at this very moment. Compounding this problem are the countless options of life saving boats to jump into. There are massive, beautiful looking cruise ships passing by, scooping up anyone and everyone who swims in their direction. Then, there are a few rafts; they’re much smaller and have no engines. They require those in them to paddle in order to get to safety. It’s not surprising that most people have gotten into the cruise ships. They promise comfort and luxury, asking nothing of their passengers other than to get aboard and enjoy the trip to safety.

You might be thinking, “This hardly seems like a problem. In fact, it sounds like a pretty good option given the situation”. On the surface, you’d be right. But what if we then told you that all of these cruise ships motoring around, “saving” everyone, have massive holes in their hull and are sinking. Not fast enough to feel it right away, and more so, everyone that made it on board is too excited to even notice.

Initially it’s everything it appeared to be, a life-saving comfortable vessel. But sure enough, each one of them is sinking and everyone aboard will end up wet again, fighting to keep their heads above water. In fact, they’re probably worse off now, having thought that they found the perfect solution to their problem only to find out that they were lied to. Not one of the ships’ crew told them the boat they were climbing into had a hole in the hull.

And the rafts, what about those? As it turns out, the rafts are sturdy and reliable. They certainly aren’t as comfortable as the cruise ships, but what they lack in amenities they more than make up for in their ability to actually float! They require effort to paddle and knowledge to guide them ashore, but fortunately; they come with detailed instructions to make getting home possible for anyone willing to read them. People that jump in the raft and row make it home, wherever home happens to be for them.

This metaphorical flood isn’t necessarily caused by one particular thing; it’s more of a mixed bag.

  • It’s the flood of easy access to low quality, cheap, processed foods and drinks that are causing our health to deteriorate and our waistlines to grow.
  • It’s the flood of demands on our time from work, friends, kids and responsibilities that place a heavy burden on making a commitment to fitness.
  • It’s even the flood of mixed messages on how to solve health issues, and “which life-boat to jump into”.

More so than the flood itself, it’s the decadent cruise ships that are ultimately the reason why we are even in business. FatBurner+ was born out of the hearts and minds of a few people who were sick of climbing into the wrong boat and watching so many make the same mistake. That’s right, we’ve been right there in the flood too – struggling to figure out how to get back onto solid ground and STAY there. We’ve climbed aboard the cruise ships; those that promise instant, effortless solutions to these problems. They offer immediate relief and require nothing of you but to sit back and enjoy the ride. Then, when the ship sinks (and they always do), it’s right back to fighting to keep your head above water. Right back to the same position as before, only now, dealing with the gloomy after effects like failure and resentment.

Each of us was ultimately saved by a life raft. It wasn’t as pretty as the cruise ship we jumped into at first and it required hard work to paddle to shore. But we discovered the right instructions and kept afloat so that we could continue to move forward, closer to shore. It is out of those experiences that FatBurner+ was born. As we see it, we are in the business of deploying life rafts to those who are caught in the flood. And beyond that, we’ve decided to stand in the life rafts, yelling as loudly as we can towards those who are caught in the flood or on board the cruise ships. Warning everyone we can about the holes in the big ships, as we had wished someone would have done for us. Offering hope in the form of the right knowledge and equipment to get home safely and avoid the flood for good.

After all, a rescue isn’t worth much if you constantly find yourself needing to be rescued again.

This symbolic life raft isn’t successful because of the individual components that allow it to do what it needs to do; (i.e. being surrounded by water with nothing but a paddle doesn’t do you much good). It requires the boat itself, of course. But the boat requires air in it to float. It requires paddles to be able to move it in the right direction. It requires navigation instructions to avoid going in the wrong direction or even in circles. In our case, the life raft is a system. A 3-step system that combines all the necessary components for a successful trip to shore.

  1. Step-1 is a 3-Day Detoxifying Juice Cleanse called RESET. It is designed to teach the basic principles of juicing, how and why it works, what to expect, and how you can use it to reset your body. To undo the years damage that are causing your body to function only marginally close to the way it was designed to. Life is busy and it can be difficult to learn the ins and outs of getting proper nutrition. While it is important and should be learned, it takes time. It needs to be done at a sustainable rate, since an overload upfront typically causes a burnout, exhaustion and an inability to stick with it. When it comes right down to it, the only way to get sustainable results is to find a plan that you can stick with. RESET is designed to be that sustainable introduction to keeping a close eye on the food you choose to fuel your body with.
  2. Step-2 is proper supplementation. A supplement should never be the star of any show. When we see a customer’s amazing before and after image, we don’t immediately think: “Wow, look at what FatBurner+ did!” We recognize that a great transformation is a result of the entire SYSTEM at work. It’s a result of hard work, dedication and the right information just as much as it is the right supplement. A supplement is just that, an added piece of the puzzle that is designed to enhance the overall results of the rest of the pieces. FatBurner+ was designed to utilize high quality, natural ingredients in order to boost the body’s ability to metabolize its inputs, repair and build muscle, and reduce oxidative stress on the body that can cause premature aging. Ultimately, it was formulated to put a magnifying glass up against the work you are doing with the other 2 steps of the system. To enhance your all around effort. It is like the air in the life raft. The air, on it’s own, won’t save your life. But if you put the air inside of the boat and provide instructions on how to use it correctly, the combination will change your situation completely!
  3. Step-3 is a 30-Day Fitness and Nutrition Guide, BURN. It is designed to provide the right information on how to engage in and maximize your physical activity. You don’t need to be in the gym for an hour-and-a-half each day. When done correctly, you can accomplish what you need to in 15 minutes with very little equipment. It is simply a matter of having the right information. The program incorporates HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, which has proven time and time again to be incredibly effective in terms of overall results vs time spent training. The beauty of BURN is also in scalability – its ability to be adapted for any particular level of fitness. Someone who has been training for 10 years can train right alongside his or her spouse who is brand new to fitness. Both can work out together and both can get results! It also includes a nutrition guide which is meant to help users understand the SPIRIT of good nutrition rather than the letter of it. After all, like we mentioned, it’s only that which you can continue to stick with that will produce the sustainable results you seek.

Of the 3 steps, the order isn’t as important as the combination. If we were to crown one phrase it would be that Health and Fitness is a Lifestyle. It cannot be fully and sustainably attained by only using one step, and much less through some magic device or supplement. This is an important fact to understand, because it’s all to common for people to think of each step independently. Success is about a system. An all-inclusive 3-course meal, not a-la-carte that forces a one or the other type choice, or possible elimination of something altogether. Each individual component is important, but understanding the relationship and synergy between them is true enlightenment. Thinking back to the flood analogy, it wouldn’t be fair to offer the life raft without a paddle and a compass or vice-versa!

Our goal is to help you, and as many others as we possibly can, to come to a simple understanding: that what you desire in terms of a quick and easy solution is often not what is required to achieve sustainable results. For those who are convinced that there is a magic-pill out there we would say, “Save your money, our product and system is not for you”. But for those who are more concerned with actually encountering, experiencing and maintaining a real change in their health and fitness we would say, “Climb on in. We will get you to where you are trying to go!

Success, as well as trials and tribulations can motivate and have an incredibly positive impact on people who are in the midst of their own weight-loss journeys. If you’ve ever boarded a “cruise-ship” or a “life raft” to escape the flood, we’d love to hear about your experience. Tell us about it in the comment section below.
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