By Nature Companies, LLC in Preparation for Soft Launch of Brick and Mortar Plus Foods & Plus Shops, and New Mobile App

New Location to House Plus Brand Industries Brick & Mortar Retail, Manufacturing and Temporary Headquarters   Troy, MI. February 15, 2019 – By Nature Companies LLC, soon to be operating as Plus Brand Industries, announces the company’s first combined retail … Continue Reading

7 Health and Wellness Trends – That Will Make You “Wellthy”

Over the past century, dietary guidelines and the definition of “healthy” foods has shifted dramatically. The food pyramid has been simplified, but you wouldn’t know that when looking at what’s trending in the health and wellness industry today. In fact, … Continue Reading

FatBurner+ SHOT | FatBurner+ Energy

By Nature Companies Concludes Development of Plus Brand SHOT and ENERGY

Multi-Functional Beverages SHOT and ENERGY Slated for Local Distribution Spring 2018   Troy, MI, April 24, 2018 – Healthy living organization, By Nature Companies LLC, announces development completion of exclusive beverage products FatBurner+ SHOT (non-carbonated shot) and FatBurner+ ENERGY (lightly-carbonated … Continue Reading

Cerebro Plus - Nootropic Brain Health Supplement

By Nature Companies, LLC Closes Pre-Order of Plus Brands Core Product: Cerebro Plus

Highly Bioavailable Nootropic (Smart Drug) Cerebro Plus – Now Shipping   Troy, MI, January 04, 2018 – By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) primes up for a record-breaking year in 2018 with another core Plus Brand product, Cerebro Plus, now shipping … Continue Reading

By Nature Companies launches Plus Brand

By Nature Companies Completes Rebrand and Launches Core Plus Brand Products

By Nature Companies Completes Rebrand and Launches Core Plus Brand Products   Troy, MI, November 17, 2017 – Healthy living organization By Nature Companies, LLC (BNC) announces completion of comprehensive corporate and product line branding transition. The successful rebrand marks … Continue Reading