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Black Friday Launch Date for New Plus Brand Product Line – Plus Derma Care


Troy, MI. November 15, 2018 – Health and Wellness organization By Nature Companies (BNC) expands Plus Brand product suite with advanced Skincare and Cosmetics line, Plus Derma Care.


Following several years of formulation R&D and market research, BNC announces that its core Plus Derma Care product line is officially consumer-ready: made in the USA, FDA and cGMP compliant, and ISO 22716 certified.


Initially slated for a Q2 2018 launch, the company opted to postpone its release of the Plus Derma Care line. BNC strategically retargeted the launch for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), with initial marketing efforts for the new product line expected to gain elevated traction through the 2018 Holiday Season.


Consisting of six advanced-formula unisex products, the core Plus Derma Care line spans multiple major market segments, including: skincare, beauty, and anti-aging.



+ Overnight Youth – Botanical Stem Cell Mask

+ Advance Moisture Serum – 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid

+ Rapid Lift – Instant Tightening Serum

+ Bio-Peptide Rejuvenation – Growth Factor Serum

+ Intense Repair – Eye Firming Cream

+ Intense Moisture – Day Cream SPF 30




BNC states that it has strategically developed the core line in response to its outlook of the evolving industry and consumer base.


By Nature Companies LLC CoFounder, Chad Willis, stated, “Skincare and anti-aging as a whole have really evolved – both in terms of the industry itself, and the expansive consumer-base – not mention the intense consumer demand for functional, natural solutions to common health and aging problems.

Like so many other segments of Health and Wellness, skincare and anti-aging is no longer only relevant to limited demographics. ‘Youthful skin is in’, and it’s not just female and elderly consumers anymore. We’re seeing a huge increase in male skincare consumers, and the massive, prevention-oriented consumer base – the 20 to 45 year-old demographic – is really pushing the rapid-growth of the industry.

We’ve developed Plus Derma Care specifically to service the evolving skincare and anti-aging consumer-base. We understand the need and desire for specialty and niche brands offering organic, natural and “Free-From” products: paraben-free, cruelty-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, etc. – we understand it, because those are the same things we demand ourselves as consumers.


The industry’s growing consumer base and proportionate growth of specialty and niche brands attribute to the staggering anticipated market growth into 2020 and beyond. Global Skincare is on track to eclipse US$ 135 billion in 2021, forming a major share of the larger Beauty and Anti-Aging Market, currently estimated over US$ 1 trillion.


As BNC continues on its path towards emerging as a major transnational Health & Wellness player, the Plus Derma Care line allows the company to expand its business verticals and attract more attention to the growing brand. The company states that the Skincare line will play a vital role in the its brand awareness, new customer acquisition, and brand loyalty strategies.


Willis went on to say, “Plus Derma Care consumers will be exposed to our full Plus Brand line and find the same quality and care across the board – and that’s a great way to build solid brand loyalty and happy customers!


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About By Nature Companies, LLC

By Nature Companies, LLC is a next generation health supplement and healthy living organization. We live and breathe the lifestyle that we preach; a lifestyle that, above all else, is the foundation of sustainable healthy living. Our passion for this lifestyle has given way to creation of a network of Healthy Living brands; with each brand focusing on a fundamental component of becoming healthier as individuals and healthier as a global society.

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