New Plus Brands Facility Brings Scalability with In-House Manufacturing; Plus Foods Implements Eco-Friendly Packaging



Troy, MI. March 11, 2019 By Nature Companies LLC, soon to be operating as Plus Brand Industries, commences shift away from Mexico-based Contract Manufacturing to In-House Manufacturing, and prepares Plus Foods for nationwide home-delivery with environmentally friendly thermal packaging.


The new Plus Brand Industries 66,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, located Centrally in Mexico’s Pacific Riviera, will be equipped with: 1.) a commercial-grade kitchen designed to sustain its Gourmet Ready-Made Meal Prep & Delivery service; 2.) Cold Press Juicing and Bottling System; 3.) Alkaline Water Plant and Bottling System; 4.) Warehousing and loading dock.


Square footage of the facility also accounts for moving powder-based supplement manufacturing in-house, which the Company anticipates rolling out by Q4 2019.


The Plus Foods commercial kitchen and team of chefs are now in preparation to launch the Gourmet Ready-Made Meal service nationwide across Mexico. This development overtakes the Company’s initial plans to assemble kitchens in major metropolitan cities in order to service local customer-bases, due primarily to the negative environmental impact of available packaging solutions and current/upcoming bans on the use of Polystyrene (Styrofoam).


Newly available ecologically-friendly packaging technology is now allowing the company to circumvent local production, and launch Plus Foods home-delivery nationwide, directly from its primary Plus Foods hub.


The company’s new cold-shipping packaging is made from recycled material and 100% compostable insulation – containing no environmentally damaging EPS (Styrofoam). Not only fulfilling the company’s social responsibility and green company initiatives, the cold-shipping technology provides custom temperature control ranging from 75˚F to -4˚F, designed to maintain set temperature for up to 96 hours of transit time.


Also based around the new eco-friendly thermal packaging, the Company has acquired 2 commercial-grade cold-press juicing systems in anticipation of quickly expanding its Plus Brand line of cold-pressed juices, Plus Jugo (Juice), from local service to home-delivery nationwide.


Production capacity for Plus Jugo will be upwards of 60 gallons of cold pressed juice per hour (550 bottles/hour). Plus Brands is now preparing a mass-marketing campaign targeting product awareness, and convenient home delivery of 3, 4, and 5-day juice cleanse kits.


Despite the massive branding and sales opportunity surrounding Plus Foods and Plus Jugo, the highlight of the new facility revolves around a state-of-the-art Water Plant for in-house manufacturing of the company’s alkaline bottled water product, Agua Plus.


Agua Plus is a keystone product of the Company’s Plus Brand line, representing its mass-appeal to consumers across virtually all demographics, while also providing major retail and wholesale distribution opportunities.



The Company is equipping a multi-pass filtration, mono-block rotary filling system and production line with capacity of 5,000 Bottles per Hour (BPH). The system includes filtration, storage, bottle molding and filling, with inline labeling and shrink-packing – giving the Company an end-to-end, in-house production solution.



About By Nature Companies, LLC

By Nature Companies, LLC is a next generation health supplement and healthy living organization. We live and breathe the lifestyle that we preach; a lifestyle that, above all else, is the foundation of sustainable healthy living. Our passion for this lifestyle has given way to creation of a network of Healthy Living brands; with each brand focusing on a fundamental component of becoming healthier as individuals and healthier as a global society.

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