7 Health and Wellness Trends – That Will Make You “Wellthy”

Over the past century, dietary guidelines and the definition of “healthy” foods has shifted dramatically. The food pyramid has been simplified, but you wouldn’t know that when looking at what’s trending in the health and wellness industry today. In fact, … Continue Reading

Miracle in a Bottle

Why Water, Hydration and Body Alkalinity Are About So Much More Than Being Thirsty   It’s a pitch that you’ve likely heard a thousand times in a hundred different places, frequently drowned out only by the noise of every other … Continue Reading

By Nature Companies Launches Game-Changing Energy Shot

We’ve all seen them somewhere. Most of us have even tried one at some point. It’s an educated guess supported by the simple fact that, in a relatively short period of time, 5-Hour Energy (a product of privately owned Living … Continue Reading

What You Want VS What You Need

Our Perspective on Sustainable Weight Loss Take a look around; there’s a flood. Sure, it’s not a literal flood. After all, an actual flood tends to be a one-time event. This flood is ongoing, and while streets and houses aren’t … Continue Reading

5 Steps to a Healthy & Well Balanced Lifestyle

Feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually off-kilter? Lost some vitality inside you? Overwhelmed by life? In shock from the idea you could feel and look years younger than your age and still enjoy your life? WELCOME! Everything happens for a reason … Continue Reading