We’ve all seen them somewhere. Most of us have even tried one at some point.

It’s an educated guess supported by the simple fact that, in a relatively short period of time, 5-Hour Energy (a product of privately owned Living Essentials, LLC) has gone from zero to over one billion dollars in annual revenue. Staggering growth by any measure, even more so when you consider the fact that they essentially created the energy shot market segment itself at the same time. A space that they continue to dominate, seemingly unchallenged.

Enter multi-functional supplement Fat Burner Plus

Hold on, why are we talking about a weight-loss supplement and an energy shot in the same conversation?

By Nature Companies (BNC) is a next generation healthy living organization, supplying healthy-alternative products and services within the exploding Health & Wellness space. Sustainability, and the ability to reach more consumers with our exclusive products, is the key and emphasis within our market research and product development efforts.

Upon identifying the Energy Shot market segment, wherein a chronic symptom is simply masked for a short period, we uncovered a prime opportunity for FatBurner+ to deliver a sustainable, value-added alternative for consumers. With that primary foothold established, the market penetration strategy boils down to clarity and communication of the message: “why and how this product will benefit me and my life.

A key cog in the wheel of success for BNC has been the simplicity of our branding – the effective communication of why our product exists. The supplement, energy drink and energy shot market segments have been absolutely flooded with highly confusing branding and messaging. From companies that offer 50 different products – many of which need to be taken together – for surprisingly similar outcomes, to brands plastered in bright neon colors, uncanny graphics and confusing names.

Consumers are left to guess as to whether the product they are holding in their hand will actually help them accomplish the goal that they have in mind. Every trade show and retail location where BNC products are sold have generated a consistent stream of positive feedback, all with one common theme: simplicity. Consumers love how easy it is to:

  1. Identify what our product is; and

  2. Identify how it will help them

The brand name, FatBurner+, immediately registers and identifies with consumers. With the addition of FATBURNER+ SHOT, we don’t see ourselves as introducing a new product insomuch as we see ourselves offering an alternative delivery method to our rapidly growing global customer base in order to suit their preferences and lifestyle.

We don’t see ourselves as competing with 5-hour Energy for the simple fact that we aren’t an energy shot company. We are a healthy lifestyle company. We aren’t looking to solve a 5-hour long problem; we are looking to be the bridge to a life long-term healthy living solution. We don’t want to simply keep people from falling asleep, we want to empower them to become the healthier, fitter version of themselves that they have always had in the back of their mind. The version that not only feels fitter, healthier and more focused, but actually ARE each of those things.

When a consumer walks up to a counter or a display and sees 5-Hour Energy sitting there next to FatBurner+ SHOT, we believe (without reservation) that the majority of them will reach for FatBurner+. The simplicity and clarity of our branding resonates with consumer desire for clarity and simplicity in their life. Effective and clear communication of the many benefits of our product meshes impeccably with the few precious seconds that most consumers spend making a purchasing decision. Benefits, which, extend well beyond the temporary nature of an energy boost and deliver amazing value through a unique combination of powerful natural ingredients.


When the message is communicated effectively and the consumer (at a comparable price) can choose between energy – or energy, metabolism, vitality and general well being – we believe that FB+ Shot will win every time.


At that point the advanced FatBurner+ formula takes over and gets to work. From professional bodybuilders, to stay at home moms and dads, to the sporting weekend warriors, the feedback has been the same across the board: “I feel great and I’m seeing sustainable results!” After all, results that aren’t sustainable aren’t worth anyone’s valuable time or money. But the ones that are…create a snowball effect of loyal customers that will never stop supporting the brand! And when those customers have the choice between a great product in several convenient delivery systems, you have the making of another billion-dollar-a-year company.


About By Nature Companies, LLC
By Nature Companies, LLC is a next generation health supplement and healthy living organization. We live and breathe the lifestyle that we preach; a lifestyle that, above all else, is the foundation of sustainable healthy living. Our passion for this lifestyle has given way to the creation of a comprehensive network of brands; each brand focusing on a fundamental component of becoming healthier as individuals and healthier as a global society.

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