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Get ready to increase the quality of your life by taking your first steps toward healthy living. It can be a challenge to eat right and stay motivated. However, we can provide you with the support motivation you need to sustain a happy and healthy lifestyle. Try our advanced formula Vida Shake Plus meal replacements that are healthy alternative to whole meal. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable associates are ready to assist you in including healthy shakes as a part of your daily life. We take the time to educate each of our customers when it comes to improve fitness, nutrition and supplementation so they can enjoy a complete and natural lifestyle. Can you honestly say you getting all of the essential nutrition you need on any given day? You’ll be able to answer that question with an affirmative yes when you use our Vida Shake Plus meal replacements packed with the essential ingredients you need to support antiaging, overall health and fitness.

Get the Essential Nutrients You Need

When you use Vida Shake Plus you’re getting a shake that’s nutritional impact with the essential ingredients needed to support your overall health. Our shakes contain five plant-based proteins, probiotics, digestive enzymes, full BCAA complex as well as fiber. There are no added sugars, sucrose or fructose. Our shakes are slightly sweetened using stair via and natural flavors. Order from us today let us help you get the right amount of clean, good protein, nutrients and vitamins all at the same time.

Use Vida Shake Plus to Enjoy the Following:

  • Complete Nutrition with No Added Sugar
  • A Perfect Blend of Protein and Carbs for Post Workout Recovery
  • A Perfect Blend of Protein and Carbs for Pre-Workout Stamina and Energy
  • A Great Tasting Meal Substitution
  • A BCAA Complex That Repairs Muscle Damage and Increases Muscle
  • Get Your Daily Protein in a Delicious Shake
  • Utilize a Superfood Blend That Offers the Basic Nutrition Spectrum

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Vida Shake Plus
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